IDEXX Extended Maintenance Agreement (EMA)

Provides total peace of mind to You, Your patients and Pet parents, when needed most.

Eurovets in partnership with Idexx is proud to support you with the industry's broadest support and service coverage for your in-house Idexx instruments, so your practice can stay up and running - no matter what.

Get the best service and support available with the added benefit/confidence that you are covered should anything go wrong with the functioning of your Idexx instruments.

IDEXX Service (with active EMA) includes;

  • SmartService (remote access to evaluate the instruments performance)

  • Instrument diagnosis, repair or replacement

  • Fast service for ensuring minimal disruption to your business

  • Free software upgrades (as required)

  • Contact with local Tech Support Team to resolve matters quickly

  • Highly competitive warranty rates per instrument

  • No call out fees

  • 12 months coverage packages

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EMA Contract (1Year) Lasercyte Dx
2,753.00 AED 2,753.00 AED 2753.0 AED
EMA Contract (1Year) Catalyst Dx
2,753.00 AED 2,753.00 AED 2753.0 AED
EMA Contract (1Year) Procyte Dx
1,652.00 AED 1,652.00 AED 1652.0 AED
EMA Contract (1Year) Catalyst One
1,285.00 AED 1,285.00 AED 1285.0 AED
EMA Contract (1Year) Snap Pro
551.00 AED 551.00 AED 551.0 AED
EMA Contract (1Year) Coag Dx
367.00 AED 367.00 AED 367.0 AED
EMA Contract (1Year) IVLS
184.00 AED 184.00 AED 184.0 AED
EMA Contract (1Year) Procyte Dx IPU
111.00 AED 111.00 AED 111.0 AED