Thorough Testing

The Most Effective Allergy Test Ever

The R&D Department at Spectrum Veterinary has analyzed each testing system available closely and combined the most reliable aspects of each method to bring you SPOT Platinum, the most reliable and advanced in-vitro testing available. Since their test measures the allergen-specific IgE, patients do NOT need to be taken off steroids, Apoquel, Cytopoint or antihistamines prior to testing – since research has shown that at normal therapeutic doses they do not affect IgE levels. By partnering a very sensitive assay with the industry’s most comprehensive treatment protocol, Spectrum Veterinary has achieved the highest improvement rates possible (up to 90%).

The Spot Platinum canine and feline assay represents the most comprehensive allergy testing available, with a total of 91 of the most common allergens in our region, including grasses, trees, weeds and shrubs, common indoor allergens, the 24 most common commercial pet food ingredients, as well as flea, staph and malassezia. Special allergens are available upon request.

Spectrum At Spot Platinum
753.00 AED 753.00 AED 753.0 AED
Spectrum Initial Double T/Set
769.00 AED 769.00 AED 769.0 AED
Spectrum Initial Single T/Set
523.00 AED 523.00 AED 523.0 AED
Spectrum Maintenance Double R2
587.00 AED 587.00 AED 587.0 AED
Spectrum Maintenance Single R1
450.00 AED 450.00 AED 450.0 AED
Spectrum Sublingual Set Double
1,047.00 AED 1,047.00 AED 1047.0 AED
Spectrum Sublingual Set Single
608.00 AED 608.00 AED 608.0 AED